Posted by David Watson

More and more, “Brick and Mortar” gives way to the digital “0’s and 1’s”. We shop on line and watch the world through our computer screens instead of out our windows or dare I say it – in person! We ‘experience’ the world from the comfort of our couches all snug in our pajama pants. We are the worse for it.
Life should be experienced in person. Church should be experienced in person from the relative comfort of a church pew. Nothing will ever adequately take the place of sliding into a pew, over someone you may or may not know to actually embrace life and corporate worship.
Church is where we share our lives and struggles and irritation and difficulties. It is where we come together to listen to others sing when we have no strength to sing ourselves. It is where we see the smile we wish we could experience in our own lives. It is where we share each other’s burdens and find that our own become more manageable in the process. It is where we draw life from The Body of Christ.
If you are ‘surfing by’, come by in person and experience Jesus with us. You will be better for it – and so will we. See you Sunday!