Posted by David Watson

Glenda and I went zip lining this week. We harnessed up, climbed up a 4000ft tower (OK, maybe 80 feet), allowed a person we have never met to clip us to a steel cable and we stepped out into – nothing. The pre-zip instructions were interesting: ‘you can hold here, (the front line attaching to the cable) or hold onto your vest here, but do not reach up here – if you do that you lose fingers – any questions?’ Well, yes – several actually!

Here is an important fact: what you are holding on to matters. If you hold the wrong thing, bad things can happen. We go through life attempting to grasp what we think provides true security when doing so might cause us to suffer great loss. Any thinking adult knows that real estate and investment portfolios offer little true security, but we grasp at them anyway.

What really matters is ‘what is holding you?’ Glenda and I were suspended between heaven and earth on a steel cable large enough to support a semi truck. The harnesses and pulleys we were strapped into could have supported someone several times our size. What had us was sturdy and sound. Because of that we could let go of all of the options we were given to hold on to – and we could throw our arms up and enjoy the ride!

If Jesus has you, then you can sit back in His embrace and step out with Him and soar!