connecting to your place in ministry...

Click the image above to log in to Memberhub, if you’ve already registered.  If you haven’t, the first step is getting a ministry leader to send you an invitation to join!


MemberHub is a centralized communications tool for Sewell Mill Baptist Church.  Each area of ministry has its own “hub” where leaders and volunteers can have discussions, share a calendar, and share files.  Hub contents are visible only to the members of that hub.

Additionally, when you join MemberHub, whatever personal information you choose to share (address, home phone, cell, email, etc.) is placed in our Online Members Directory.  You can even upload individual and family photos! Again, this is not publicly posted, but only visible to those church members who have signed up.  It’s a great way to have your up-to-date contact information available to fellow church members.  Church members who do not use computers or the internet can have their contact info added by a staff member.

Below are a few videos that explain how to get the most out of MemberHub.

Note: At the end of each video, the related videos grid is a function of YouTube, not our suggestions.


For New Users of MemberHub


Using Whiteboards for Signups and Lists


Youth Minister Testimonial on Using MemberHub