Posted by David Watson

The holidays are over.  I am going to modify my eating habits by leaving behind the days of frozen mocha cheese cake and pecan pie. I have been thinking ‘it will be nice to get back to normal life.’
Then I started the morning with a breakfast meeting at The Marietta Diner. Coffee, orange juice, eggs Benedict (I will modify my eating habits beginning with lunch), and 2 ½ hours talking with an American man who is married to a Chinese woman who is a Thai citizen. They live and minister in Pattaya, Thailand. Pattaya has the largest human trafficking network in the world. It is the city that inspired the song ‘You’re the God of this City.’ Together they operate an American style bakery and coffee shop while handing out 120,000 Chinese Language New Testaments per year and conduct ministries in India, Pakistan, Malaysia, Nepal and Bangladesh.
We talked about my time in Thailand and the needs in that country, in Southeast Asia, and in America. I told him about the ministry of the House of Grace and about the way it has changed the life of so many people that I know.
As I left the meeting and drove towards the church I wondered ‘why on earth would I ever want a ‘normal life’? God offers life that is supernatural, sacred, holy, inspired, guided, and gifted. That’s the life I want – and I challenge you to want the same thing.

See you when we meet again,
-Pastor David