Posted by David Watson

August used to be ‘the dog days of summer.’ Do you remember that? The temperatures were hot and the summer breezes fled away, and dogs and people sat out on porches relaxing while attempting to stay cool…..

So much for that! This August we are all running at mach speeds. School will be back in session for most children before August even arrives. Here at the church we are feverishly working to get classrooms ready for our Preschool and Academy to begin August 14th. We have been painting, building, cleaning, sorting, and throwing away. Many of you have been faithful to be here on Wednesday nights and I want you to know that we could not be ready if not for you. You have been an incredible blessing and I praise God for you.

So this August we will see our share of hard work, and we will see transition. We will see new students and staff arrive in our Preschool and Academy. We will see our Wednesday night program move to Sunday afternoon. We will see the departure of Todd and Rebekah Culbertson and family as they head to Canada to continue their missions training. With God’s help we will see the arrival of our new Children’s minister.

What we won’t see are the lazy days of rest that we might remember and long for. But that’s OK, for I would rather be caught up in what God is doing than languish and long for things to be different. So get off the porch and get ready to move into an eventful August!