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David Watson
August 28, 2015

The Roman Road

The phrase brings to mind different images and ideas for different people. Historians or archaeologists probably immediately envision the iconic transportation system that enabled Rome to subdue the world and enforce the Pax Romana…the Roman Peace. Evangelists will quickly move to a witnessing pamphlet that outlines a group of scriptures commonly referred to as ‘the [...]

February 23, 2015

That was wonderful….and here we go again!

I absolutely loved the Missions Conference! I spent a few minutes this morning thinking about my favorite part. I think it was Brian Crow’s question of ‘how do you know when God is finished with you?’ The answer is ‘When you are looking at Him face to face.’ A large part of the purpose of [...]

February 3, 2015

Listen to Him sing!

Do you ever think that God just doesn’t get it? You try over and over to explain what you need, or want, or demand – and He provides something completely different. That is if you notice that He provided anything at all. There are times when I am asking for chariots of fire or raging [...]

January 5, 2015

Happy Newness

We need markers and standards to measure by. As strange as it may sound, God needs the same. He looks for standards of measurement – we call them the Ten Commandments or the Law or righteousness. God values the standards that He created and the ones we established. The writer of Proverbs 11:1 said ‘Dishonest [...]

December 10, 2014

Another Lap Together

Do you remember the arcade game where you dropped the quarter into a cone shaped tube? The quarter entered the tube at an angle and circled around the rim, spiraling down into the ever shrinking tube….going faster and faster as the walls constricted. The quarter started out on its journey by making large and slow [...]

November 3, 2014

As we move forward…

I just finished reading quotes from men who shaped the founding of our nation. John Hancock said “I conjure [urge] you, by all that is dear, by all that is honorable, by all that is sacred, not only that ye pray but that ye act.” The Rev. Charles Finney reminded Christians that “the time has [...]

September 9, 2014

Thinking about things to come

I just finished reading through Exodus. The Book reminds me of me. God found me in a place where I did not want to be. He took the time to guide me out and taught me who I am to be. He has been patient with my wanderings and forceful when I drew back from [...]

May 12, 2014

Endings Just Lead to Beginnings

We often forget that when something ends something else begins. School is about to end, and summer vacation will begin. We are approaching Memorial Day when we will remember the ending of the lives of countless service men and women – and the beginning of the life they secured for us. Soon we will celebrate [...]

April 9, 2014

Think About It

In October of 2000 I stood outside of the Damascus Gate in Jerusalem, looking at the areas called Gordon’s Calvary and the Garden Tomb… and a noisy bus station. I watched as people came and went paying little or no attention to the walls and gates of history’s most disputed city. I looked at armed [...]

March 11, 2014

Why Church?

More and more, “Brick and Mortar” gives way to the digital “0’s and 1’s”. We shop on line and watch the world through our computer screens instead of out our windows or dare I say it – in person! We ‘experience’ the world from the comfort of our couches all snug in our pajama pants. [...]

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